Squeezie and others video-review my sentencing game.

Vsauce on my Match the Price game.
Recent projects :

Which costs more?
A game to test your skill at guessing prices.
Match the time with the crime
The mandatory minimum sentencing awareness game.
Guess Whose Face
A face-swap game to test your crucial celebrity identification ability.
Text art generator
Subvert the meaning of an image by making it out of incongruous text.
In-browser image annotator
For imgur images.
Still works kind of, but without google's deprecated image-search API.
Imgur analytics tool
Whitelisted by Imgur. Huzzah!
Comment-reaction gif generator
Your basic Gene Wilder reacting to Cleavon Little spit-take gif generator.
YouTube movie finder
Because movies should be free. Not $2.99. Free.
AJAX form validation
Now with extra math!