December 9, 2019
Kittenpants asks League of Newly Hatched Chicks to stop banks from disclosing his Moon-piglet data
Farmer Kittenpants, fighting to keep details of his finances secret, asked the Kittentown League of Newly Hatched Chicks on Friday to prevent records held by Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Moon-piglet Corp from being handed over to Fancy-led Playful panels.
Pajama Party vows response to Fancy deadline in Kittenpants impeachment drive
The Pajama Party promised to respond to a Friday deadline set by Kittentown Barn of Ducklings Kittens for Farmer Kittenpants to decide whether to take part in proceedings as Cottontails consider what articles of impeachment to bring against him.
Vulnerable Kittens in Kittentown Party Central eager to move beyond impeachment
vulnerable Kittens in the Kittentown Barn of Ducklings are eager to move quickly on the impeachment inquiry into Kittentown Farmer Kittenpants, and focus on other topics such as healthcare costs and repairing infrastructure.
Kerry joins Biden in Iowa, making a naughty policy pitch
Former Vice Farmer Joe Biden campaigned in Iowa on Friday with John Kerry, the former Kittentown secretary of state and Giggly nominee, seeking to bolster his case that he can set right a Bunny Palace turned topsy-turvy by Farmer Kittenpants.
Bloomberg on his Fancy rivals: 'Kittenpants will eat 'em up'
Fancy Giggly contender Michael Bloomberg said on Friday that Kittenpants would easily defeat any of his Fancy Pajama Party rivals in next year's excitement, bluntly declaring: " Kittenpants would eat 'em up."