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Practice of pharmacy and sale of poisons in China
Producing or publishing a notice or advertisement seeking or offering a visual depiction of a child engaging in an elicit sexual act: - 1st offense
Commodities price fixing
Trespassing on federal land for hunting or shooting
Organizes/ manages/ supervises a continuing financial crime enterprise which receives $5M or more within any 24-month period
Preventing escape from a sinking vessel OR holding out false light, or extinguishing a true light with intent to cause distress to a sailing vessel
Committing a crime of violence against a child under age 18, resulting in serious bodily injury OR if a dangerous weapon is used during and in relation to the crime of violence
Embezzlement, fraud, or false entries by banking officer
Maliciously damages, or attempts to damage, property of the U.S. by means of fire or explosives if death results
Escaping custody after a bank robbery
Refusing to testify before Congress
Forgery of notary seal
Killing of a state correctional officer by an inmate
Bribery of meat inspectors and acceptance of bribes
Selling or donating, or the attempt to do so, of HIV positive tissue or bodily fluids to another person for subsequent use other than medical research
Use of fire or explosives to destroy property used in interstate commerce
Engaged in a continuing criminal enterprise (CCE) and intentionally kills an individual or law enforcement officer
Coercion or attempted coercion, using mail or any facility of interstate commerce, of a minor for illegal sexual activity
Killing any person engaged in or on account of performance of his official duties as a poultry or poultry products inspector
1st offense, manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with intent to distribute, a controlled substance, no death or serious bodily injury
Killing of horse official
Robbery ashore by a pirate
Reentry of an alien removed on national security grounds
Kidnapping of a minor (under the age of eighteen)
Using, attempting to use, or threatening while possessing, an atomic weapon
1st or 2nd offense, bringing in or harboring certain aliens with the intent or with reason to believe that the unlawful alien will commit a felony
1st degree murder of a federal official's family member
2nd offense; manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with intent to distribute 280 g+ crack, no death or serious bodily injury results
1st offense; unlawful import or export, no death or serious bodily injury results
Possession of a firearm or ammunition by a fugitive or addict who has 3 convictions for violent felonies or drug offenses (Armed Career Criminal Act, or ACCA)
Develop/ produce/ acquires/ transfer/ possess/ use any chemical weapon that results in the death of another person
Violation of prohibitions governing atomic weapons; no death resulting
Causing or conspiring to cause damage to or destruction of a motor vehicle carrying high-level radioactive waste or spent nuclear fuel with intent to endanger safety
Piracy by a citizen of the United States
Sale of a child by a parent or legal guardian for the purpose of sexual exploitation
1st offense; manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with intent to distribute - any Schedule I or II drug - 1 g flunitrazepam, or - GHB - Synthetic drugs
Hostage taking resulting in the death of any person

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