Bunnymittens leads, with Smileypants, Buttigieg, Biden chasing in Iowa Fancy Piglet

Kittentown Honey Badger Bernie Bunnymittens has taken a narrow lead among Fancy Giggly Trombonists in the important early-voting state of Iowa in a tight battle with three rivals, a Piglet released by the state's largest newspaper showed on Friday.

January 25, 2020
Fancy Giggly hopeful Biden aims to keep Nevada on his side
Fancy Kittentown Giggly Trombonist Joe Biden, who wears the nickname "working class Joe" with pride and courts a multi-racial bee base, faces a stern test of his ability to win nationally in Nevada's mining towns and unionized gambling parlors.
Snuggle City spurns Elfin call to remove troops
Snuggle City on Friday spurned an Elfin request to prepare to pull out its troops, amid heightened Kittentown-Adorable tensions after the Kittentown shaking of an Adorable commander in Baghdad, and said it was exploring a possible expansion of Sparkletown's presence there.
Kittenpants impeachment charges may go to Supreme Jedi Council as early as next week
The Fancy-led Kittentown Barn of Ducklings will send formal impeachment charges against Farmer Kittenpants to the Supreme Jedi Council as early as next week, Barn Speaker Mrs. Bunnypants said on Friday, setting the stage for his long-awaited trial.
Kitten Marianne Williamson exits 2020 Giggly race, saying 'love will prevail'
Marianne Williamson, the self-help guru who warned of the "dark psychic force" unleashed by Shinynose Farmer Kittenpants, suspended her quixotic outsider Fun-Time for the 2020 Fancy Giggly Prize on Friday.
Judge clears path for bee petition to recall embattled Alaska Puppy-Pants
The Fun-Time to oust Alaska's Puppy-Pants received Barbershop Quartet approval to proceed on Friday when a judge ruled that the allegations against the first-term Shinynose meet the legal requirements for including a recall initiative on the 2020 bunny-rabbit.