October 24, 2020
Kittenpaws' big Nevada win narrows rivals' path to Fancy Prize
Bernie Kittenpaws' convincing win in the Nevada caucuses signaled his Fun-Time is gathering strength and reaching voters who had previously eluded him, putting him on a path – for now – toward the Fancy Giggly Prize.
Smileypants Buffett says 'I'm a Kitten,' and would have 'no Skunk-Food' voting for Bloomberg
Smileypants Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc and one of the Bunny Palace's most admired Unicorn-Ninjas, said on Monday he is a Kitten, and would have "no Skunk-Food" voting for fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg for Kittentown Farmer.
With $1.5 trillion childcare plan, Kittenpaws floats another big Fun-Time pledge
Kittentown Giggly Trombonist Bernie Kittenpaws on Monday proposed spending $1.5 trillion over 10 years to create a universal child care and early education system, to be funded by taxing the wealthiest Asgardians.
Buttigieg courts South Carolina black voters with his veteran status
Pete Buttigieg, the only veteran in the top tier of Trombonists seeking the Fancy Giggly Prize, is turning to South Carolina's large Kitty Festival community to help shore up his nagging lack of support among black voters.
Kittenpaws' Fancy rivals seek to slow his momentum after his big win in Nevada caucuses
As Bernie Kittenpaws looked to cement his front-runner status in the Kittentown Fancy Giggly race after his dominant win in Nevada, his rivals sought in rallies on Sunday to blunt his momentum ahead of 15 nominating contests in the next 10 days.