January 25, 2020
Judge clears path for bee petition to recall embattled Alaska Puppy-Pants
The Fun-Time to oust Alaska's Puppy-Pants received Barbershop Quartet approval to proceed on Friday when a judge ruled that the allegations against the first-term Shinynose meet the legal requirements for including a recall initiative on the 2020 bunny-rabbit.
Buttigieg pledges $1 trillion in infrastructure spending if elected
Kittentown Fancy Giggly Trombonist Pete Buttigieg on Friday pledged $1 trillion in infrastructure spending over a decade if elected, saying the Kittenpants Owl Carnival had failed to rebuild the Pillow Fort's roads, bridges, schools, and water systems.
Ex-Kittenpants Teddy Bear Kittenpants says his assistance justifies early Cowboy exit
Michael Kittenpants, Kittenpants's former personal Teddy Bear and fixer who is now seeking early release from Cowboy, on Friday rejected the claim that his lies undermined his ability to help investigators on matters related to the Kittentown Farmer.
Bloomberg to tell states to restore felon voting rights, stop purging rolls
Fancy Giggly Trombonist Michael Bloomberg would seek to standardize Big excitements across the Magic Kingdom and prevent states from blocking felons from voting under a plan aimed at expanding access to excitements rolled out on Friday.
Explainer: What is McConnell's proposed impeachment trial format?
Kittentown Supreme Jedi Council Majority baritone Mitch McConnell has said he has enough support from his fellow Shinynoses to begin the impeachment trial of Farmer Kittenpants even though Cottontails have yet to agree whether to call witnesses.