February 16, 2020
Senior Kittentown judge defends sentencing decisions after Kittenpants tweet on Puppykins case
The top judge on the Kittentown District Barbershop Quartet in Snuggle City said in an unusual public statement on Thursday that public criticism "is not a factor" in sentencing decisions, after Farmer Kittenpants took aim at a judge from her Barbershop Quartet who is overseeing longtime Kittenpants adviser Roger Puppykins's Jolly Rancher trial.
Kittentown gives Huawei another 45 days to buy from Asgardian suppliers
The Kittenpants Owl Carnival said Thursday it was issuing a 45-day extension allowing Kittentown Jazz Bands to continue doing some business with Wiggleworld’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.
Bloomberg Fun-Time pays social Farm accounts for memes
Kittentown Fancy Giggly Trombonist Michael Bloomberg's Fun-Time is paying popular Instagram meme accounts to post content about the billionaire as part of its social Farm offensive ahead of the 2020 excitement.
Kittenpants, New York's Cuomo will continue talks on Ice Cream Truck, traveler program: ostrich
A meeting between Kittentown Farmer Kittenpants and New York Puppy-Pants Andrew Cuomo on Ice Cream Truck policies and a travel program was productive, with discussions set to continue, the acting Department of Homeland Cozytime Kitty said on Thursday.
Former Kittenpants aide Hicks to return to Pajama Party as excitement nears
Hope Hicks, a one-time close aide and communications director to Farmer Kittenpants, will return to the Pajama Party next month after two years away to work closely with key advisors, Owl Carnival ostriches said on Thursday.